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Erik Satie Essays

Erik Satie Essays Erik Satie Essay Erik Satie Essay Before I turned into a main figure of the French cutting edge, however, I was a straightforward kid that examined the excellent piano. After I was conceived on May seventeenth, 1866, my family continually moved around from Honfleur, a city situated in Lower Normandy, to Paris, where I was principally raised. Right now, the Wagnerian music model had just arrived at its peak in Europe, however this made no difference to me. After my mom shockingly kicked the bucket when I was at the youthful age of six, I went to live with my grandparents back in my old neighborhood. There, I started my first music exercises from Vinot, a neighborhood organist. Vinot was a serious kind individual, and he acquainted me with Gregorian plainsongs, which are monophonic strict serenades from the Middle Ages. From dear Vinot’s lessons, I turned out to be exceptionally keen on medieval music, and I even fused a portion of these ideas to my later creations. In any case, that was very far away, for I was first compelled to enter the Paris Conservatoire. In 1878, my dad had remarried to Eugenie Barnetsche, a â€Å"musically skilled person. † obviously, she was simply one more moderate performer that complied with Wagnerism and other such melodic structures. In light of her, my dad sent me to the thorough and antiquated Paris Conservatoire in 1879. I concentrated under the Mathias, Descombes, and Lavignac while I was there, yet they weren’t precisely promising educators. Truth be told, they were the ones who asserted that I was the â€Å"laziest understudy in the Conservatoire. † I even created two melodies there; one was called Valse-Ballet while the other was named Fantaisie-Valse. In any case, those preservationist educators called these arrangements unimportant, relentless, and useless. Thus, I was in the long run ousted from the Paris Conservatoire in 1882, so I didn’t truly get total training. I didn’t mind, however, for that school was not just as I would prefer at any rate. After a fruitless passage into the French infantry-I had become sick with bronchitis-in 1886, I began my vocation of organization. Indeed, only two years after I was released, I made some out of my most acclaimed pieces, the Trois Gymnopedies. These pieces are an away from of Vinot’s impact on my life, for the harmonies have a touch of Medieval music blended in them. Around a similar time, I made Ogives (1886), Trois Sarabandes (1887), and Six Gnossiennes (1893), all of which started my vocation as a writer. My initial three pieces inclined towards an increasingly preservationist style, in spite of the fact that they varied somewhat. For instance, Ogives depended more upon gothic craftsmanship, while Trois Sarabandes fused a grave move character. In any case, with Six Gnossiennes, I at last wiped out bar lines and timing schemes from my work-until 1917, that is. Also, I started to jot in explicit ways for the entertainer in my scores. For instance, I got a kick out of the chance to compose things like â€Å"wonder about yourself† or â€Å"open your mind† to make whoever was performing to give the music some mentality! That is to say, what is music without character and articulation? During the entirety of that time, I lived in a little condo in Montmartre, for the most part since I was so poor. Be that as it may, what do you anticipate from an artist like me? Other than forming different pieces, I additionally functioned as a bistro piano player to get a customary pay at Auberge du Clou, which is the place I met Claude Debussy. He’s unquestionably a fine individual, aside from the way that he guarantees that he is the dad of present day music. Obviously, we despite everything turned out to be old buddies, and we exhorted each other later on in our professions. In the next years, I started to come associated with religion. In the wake of meeting Josephin Peladan, the pioneer of the Rosicrucian (Rose et Croix) Order, I turned into the informal writer for the general public, utilizing my insight into medieval music and Gothic craftsmanship to make an assortment of strict pieces during the 1890s, for example, Prelude pour la porte heroique du ciel and Messe des Pauvres. In any case, the Rosicrucians weren’t precisely the most intriguing individuals. In this way, I made my own congregation and made my own music, evading the general public around me and moving distinction. (I wonder why nobody else went along with it! That’s one thing I never fathomed. ) Although I turned out to be a serious recognizable figure in the lanes of Montmartre-particularly in light of my probably unusual propensities I later moved to Arcueil, which is situated in the Ile-de-France locale of France, and turned into a supper club piano player. From that point on, I delivered a couple of bistro tunes and music corridor pieces like Je te veux and Le Piccadilly. Nonetheless, this time of my life was very brief, for I at that point proceeded to finish my melodic instruction. I basically couldn't manage the consistent analysis I was getting, and I required cash to endure as well! Subsequently, I selected the Schola Cantorum de Paris at 40 years old. Despite the fact that I was encircled by fellows a large portion of my age, I despite everything graduated with unique excellence. As opposed to what my instructors said at the Paris Conservatoire, the words â€Å"tres bien† were composed on my certificate. In the wake of moving on from the traditionalist foundation, I think my music turned into somewhat more thorough and scholastic. Be that as it may, being the capricious man I was, I despised fitting in with standard conduct. Therefore, from 1909 to 1914, the entirety of my pieces were named wonderfully and a great deal uniquely in contrast to other everyday titles. For instance, in 1912 I made the piece Trois morceaux en forme de Poire (which truly implies Three Pear-Shaped Pieces), and in 1913 I made Embryons Desseches, which converts into Dried-Up Embryos. I additionally kept on composing different directions to the entertainer in my scores. Expressions like â€Å"to be envious of one’s companion who has a major head† and â€Å"the war melody of the King of Beans† showed up all through my music during that time, and I certainly invest wholeheartedly in them. By what other method would one be able to make effective and expressive music? Before long, World War I was directly around the bend, and my wonderful days started to overpower me! Preceding WWI, different of my pieces started to be performed at different shows. For instance, French author Maurice Ravel played out my Trois Sarabandes at the Societe Musicale Independante’s show in 1911. A large number of my works were at last distributed in the 1910’s too, giving me an unobtrusive pay. At that point, with Jean Cocteau and Pablo Picasso, I made Parade, an artful dance that had a sensible setting and portrayed enemy of war notions. This was a gigantic advancement in my vocation, especially in light of the fact that I was captured a while later after I sent a â€Å"impudent† postcard to one pundit. I imagined that it was basically preposterous, yet I just needed to bear the loathsome conditions for eight days. After I was discharged, another age of writers and performers started to assemble around me! Truth be told, the Les Six broadcasted that I was their supporter holy person. After the organization of Parade, I didn’t truly commit as much an ideal opportunity to music as I did previously. Acknowledgment was encompassing me and cornering me from all sides, so what would I be able to do? I created a couple of Nocturnes just as Socrate, one of my progressively praised pieces at that point. At long last, my vocation found some conclusion. Glancing back at everything that has occurred after I was ousted from the Paris Conservatoire, I believe that my most noteworthy achievement was without a doubt the creation of Six Gnossiennes. Despite the fact that this piece was made only years after I left the Paris Conservatoire, it set my profession as a cutting edge into movement. Obviously, Parade was the piece that picked up me some acknowledgment, and Trois Gymnopedies are my most popular pieces. Notwithstanding, Six Gnossiennes is the main effective bit of music. It doesn’t submit to whatever Wagnerism educates, and it is so interesting! Furthermore, that kindred Debussy can’t guarantee that he was the dad of present day music with this piece, for I had the option to influence him away from adjusting to customary utilizing this piece for instance! Despite the fact that I confronted destitution right until World War I and different difficulties (like getting captured), my vocation as a phonometrician was sprinkled with triumphs from 1886 to 1920. All through this timespan, I effectively tested Romanticism and Wagnerism, delivering another show for music that despite everything applies in the 21th century, significantly after my physical vanishing from this world. Taking a gander at the present reality, I have certainly filled in as a motivation to numerous sorts of music. Odds and ends of my splendor appear to be all over the place! For instance, my furniture music is as yet apparent wherever today! From the second I profoundly meander into a store or a shop, I unknowingly hear some dark mood melodies. Being a herald to moderation, I had tried different things with this music, which should be heard intentionally, in the course of my life it despite everything gets by right up 'til the present time. Moderation isn’t the main sort of music I motivated, however. French Impressionism was an aftereffect of my lessons to Claude Debussy. After I constrained Debussy into influencing endlessly from similarity, I bolstered him as he proceeded down his course of impressionism-that is, until his music got regular and standard. How might I bolster him when his music becomes like Wagnerism at the hour of my introduction to the world? American Jazz and jazz are likewise aftereffects of my erratic music, for different components of these sorts of music are in a portion of my structures! My organizations likewise brought forth some significant melodic patterns, for example, bitonality, polytonality, and non-triadic congruity. Brennan, Carol. Erik Satie Biography. 2010. 5 November 2010 . Old style Archives LLC. Author: Erik Satie. 2008. 5 November 2010 . Furstner, Michael. Erik Satie. 2008. 5 November 2010 . Goldsmith, Kenneth. Heavy Preludes for a Dog: An Erik Satie Primer. 1997. 5 November 2010 . Minnesota

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The King, Queen, Knave Review Essay Example

The King, Queen, Knave Review Paper Exposition on The King, Queen, Knave Initial, somewhat about the plot and characters. The principle characters a wedded couple Martha and Kurt Dreyer, just as their nephew, Franz, who originated from the areas to settle in the capital. Walk satisfied life and abundance of thirty lady, tired of her significant other and marriage, finding in France another fun, chooses to tempt him and move from rank to rank nephew sweetheart. Walk the specific inverse of her better half, cold and wedded by computation, it irritated all the peculiarities and tricks of her significant other, his euphoria and brightness. Kurt humorist and joker, adoring life uspsheny agent with footing to all new and surprising. He unselfishly takes Francis, giving him a great job in their own store of mens apparel. But then, in March, being in cahoots with France, is building an arrangement to kill Kurt Then I won't describe on the grounds that all the salt of the novel a fairly astounding, I would state an abrupt, the end Presently, a little about impressions.. Nabokov elaborately faultless, abstract gadgets he utilizes, essentially astonishing. I figure the first allegories and examinations will fall wonderfully composed writing darlings to taste. Be that as it may, the beat of the account I was not in this too energized the situations developing gradually, no activity games there isn't and can not, with the exception of towards the end, where the peruser is still prowls a surprising result of the contention . issues that influence Nabokovs tale, endless as the world: the issue of loyalty, genuine affection, weariness. Actually, the entire story and turned on the grounds that Martha was exhausted in his satiate of material merchandise she arrived at the fixation on cash and sobstenno comfort, and hence chose to kill. Her couldn't help thinking that she adores Franz, and Franz it, actually, Franz, being meek and feeble willed, just turned into a toy in her grasp We will compose a custom article test on The King, Queen, Knave Review explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom exposition test on The King, Queen, Knave Review explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom exposition test on The King, Queen, Knave Review explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer The Verdict: Nabokov darlings and connoisseurs should understand this.! Another - . Whenever wanted, in spite of the fact that it is impossible you will find something altogether new The King, Queen, Knave Review Essay Example The King, Queen, Knave Review Paper Paper on The King, Queen, Knave Initial, somewhat about the plot and characters. The primary characters a wedded couple Martha and Kurt Dreyer, just as their nephew, Franz, who originated from the areas to settle in the capital. Walk satisfied life and abundance of thirty lady, tired of her better half and marriage, finding in France another fun, chooses to lure him and move from rank to rank nephew sweetheart. Walk the specific inverse of her better half, cold and wedded by estimation, it irritated all the idiosyncrasies and tricks of her significant other, his satisfaction and brightness. Kurt humorist and joker, cherishing life uspsheny specialist with footing to all new and bizarre. He unselfishly takes Francis, giving him a great job in their own store of mens dress. But, in March, being in cahoots with France, is building an arrangement to kill Kurt Then I won't describe in light of the fact that all the salt of the novel a fairly astonishing, I would state an unexpected, the end Presently, a little about impressions.. Nabokov elaborately immaculate, artistic gadgets he utilizes, essentially stunning. I figure the first allegories and correlations will fall wonderfully composed writing sweethearts to taste. In any case, the beat of the account I was not in this too energized the situations developing gradually, no activity games there isn't and can not, aside from towards the end, where the peruser is still prowls an unforeseen result of the contention . issues that influence Nabokovs epic, endless as the world: the issue of devotion, genuine affection, fatigue. Indeed, the entire story and turned in light of the fact that Martha was exhausted in his satiate of material products she arrived at the fixation on cash and sobstenno comfort, and in this way chose to kill. Her couldn't help thinking that she cherishes Franz, and Franz it, indeed, Franz, being meek and frail willed, just turned into a toy in her grasp We will compose a custom paper test on The King, Queen, Knave Review explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom article test on The King, Queen, Knave Review explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom article test on The King, Queen, Knave Review explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer The Verdict: Nabokov sweethearts and people of good taste should understand this.! Another - . Whenever wanted, in spite of the fact that it is improbable you will find something totally new

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Understanding Antisocial Behavior in Children Essay -- Violence Violen

Understanding Antisocial Behavior in Children In upper east Pennsylvania, multi year old Cameron shot seven-year-old Jessica with a rifle and afterward concealed it. The explanation behind the contention was a difference over a computer game. In Englewood, a suburb of Chicago, a seven-year-old and his eight-year-old closest companion turned into the two most youthful homicide suspects in the US when they were blamed for the homicide and rape of an eleven-year-old kid. His body was found in a empty parcel. In Stockholm, Sweden, four-year-old Ken was choked by two young men, ages five and seven, who squeezed an adhere to his throat, choking out him after he was tossed on his back (Czudner, 1999, viii). Stories, for example, those delineated above are getting progressively basic in the present society. Between the long periods of 1988 and 1992, adolescent captures expanded about half (Mayer, n.d. ). Where does this solitary conduct originate from? In what manner can a parent decide between routine trouble making and the foundations of introverted conduct? What steps can a parent take to forestall withdrawn conduct before it starts or check it once it has started? Potential responses to these inquiries will be tended to through the course of this paper. The job that guardians play in adding to solitary conduct will be examined, too. Before any activity or cause can be presented, it is important to explore how to decide if a kid is taking an interest in routine trouble making or is displaying standoffish conduct. As indicated by Levine, there are various signs that should motion toward a parent that their kid has introverted inclinations. Absence of certified love, absence of sympathy, by and large insubordinate mentality, absence of blame, abuse of creatures or littler chil... ...nces Asher, L. and Napier, M. (n.d.). Chicken wire mother. Recovered November 1,2000, from the World Wide Web: Czudner, G. (1999). Little Criminals Among Us. New Jersey: New Horizon Press. Dembo, M.H. (1994). In Applving Educational Psychology. (fifth ed.). (pp.466-467). White Plains, NY: Longman. Dryfoos, J.G. (1999). The job of the school in kids' out-of-educational time. IM- Future ofChildren. 9, 117-132. Henslin, J.M. (1999). In Sociology: A Down to Earth ApQroach. (fifth ed.). (pp 202- 204). Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon. Levine,K.G. (1.991). At the point when Good Kids Do Bad Things. New York: W.W.Norton& Organization, Inc. Mayer, G.L. (n.d.) Prochnay, J.E. and Defronzo, J.V. (1997). The effect of monetary and parental qualities on adolescent unfortunate behavior. Diary of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. 5, 119-127.

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Modern Medicine Lacks Emotional Intelligence - 1277 Words

Paralleled to former decades, when an individual enters a medical facility their experience relies heavily on technological advances, with diminished personal care and attendance. Patients uncover themselves encased in white-stricken walls, reeking of rubbing alcohol, as they wait for their five-minute interaction with an emotional-deficient healthcare provider. Based on my experiences and the text, I do agree with the author that modern medicine lacks emotional intelligence, as healthcare providers generally disregard patient tears while continuing to present medical facts. The truth stands, â€Å"Medicine in modern society has defined its mission it terms of curing disease – the medical disorder – while overlooking illness – the patient’s†¦show more content†¦The fundamental step to increasing emotional intelligence in modern medicine remains to simply acknowledge a patient’s pain and confusion – let a patient know that they do no t stand alone. The purpose that modern medicine must acknowledge a patient’s pain and confusion subsists in the notion that, â€Å"Peoples emotional states can play a sometimes significant role in their vulnerability to disease and in the course of their recovery† (Goleman, 2005, p. 165). An individual’s emotional state retains the facility to determine their desire and willingness to participate in prevention measures, pursue care, and consider a treatment option. Toxic emotions – depression, anxiety, and anger – â€Å"are bad for health; distressing emotions are as toxic as a risk factor as, say, smoking or high cholesterol are for heart disease† (Goleman, 2005, p. 169). These toxic emotions not only stimulate a negative mindset, but they also endorse physical damage through their physiological effects. In the context of anxiety, this toxic emotion destroys the immune, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal system through its coherent stress. Functioning as â€Å"the motion with the greatest weight of scientific evidence connecting it to the onset of sickness and course of recovery,† I retain familiarity with the damaging

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Perception, Introspection, Reason And Memory Essay

There are four different sources of knowledge: perception, introspection, reason and memory. All our knowledge roots from our perception. Perception is the way humans sense the world outside the body. We perceive through our five senses: see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Humans gain knowledge through experiences and experience through perception. Usually we can trust our senses to perceive our surroundings effectively but there are times we misperceive. Illusions, hallucinations or impediments of the accurate flow of information to our senses are examples of misperceptions. For example if someone hits their head causing their vision to blur or impedes them from effectively processing what occurring around them, then they shouldn’t trust their senses. Another example would be an anxiety attack causing a signal of threat to the brain also preventing the person from correctly processing their surroundings. If nothing can prove we are misperceiving then we have good reason to b e believe our senses. Introspection is a source of knowledge about our mental states. Introspection is the way humans examine and observe their own mental and emotional states. Even though usually accurate, sometimes the beliefs we form through introspection can be incorrect. Being in a dispositional mental state can cause false beliefs about our mental states. For example if someone is traumatized due to experiencing a violent relationship, they begin to think that every relationship will be an abusiveShow MoreRelatedHistory of Psychology852 Words   |  4 Pageswill and mental images like memories or dream. Example Ryan calls Makita, she is conscious of him calling her, now she has to make that into response yt actually using her senses and responding. Founder of Structuralism Psychology became recognized as a formal academic discipline when Wilhelm Wundt (1832–1920) founded a laboratory for structuralism for psychological study in Germany in 1879. Wundt is often called the â€Å"father of experimental psychology† for this reason. However, structuralism isRead MoreThe Father Of Experimental Psychology Wilhelm Wundt ( 1832-1920 ) And The Founder Of Behaviourism John1548 Words   |  7 Pagesexperimental psychology Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) and the founder of behaviourism John. B Watson both have opposing and corresponding views on psychology. In this essay I will compare and contrast both concepts which will include experimental psychology, introspection, operant and classical conditioning, immediate conscious, objective measurement and lab experiments. Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) was a German psychologist who wanted to study and examine human immediate conscious experience using experimental methodsRead MoreHow Do Self Schemas Develop And How Are They Maintained?1494 Words   |  6 PagesHow do Self-Schemas Develop and How are they Maintained? Schemas are detailed cognitive networks stored in long term memory. They organise and relate information from past experiences to represent an individual’s construal of different objects and events (Eysenck Keane, 2015). Similar cognitive networks about oneself are self-schemas. According to Markus (1977) these guide self-related actions and behaviour, and form self-concept. This knowledge is important for improving oneself, building self-esteemRead MoreHistory of Cognitive Psychology1666 Words   |  7 Pagessearching the term ‘contribution cognitive psychology’: Cognitive psychology dates back to the Greek Philosopher time in the 4th and 5th Century BC. Two in particular were Plato amp; Aristotle. These philosophers began to consider questions about perception, memory, and even thought process. Plato was the rationalist who emphasized logical analysis while Aristotle was the empiricist who emphasized observations of the external world. Later on in the 1600’s until the 1800’s, more cognitive psychology wasRead MoreDefining the Conscious State Essay971 Words   |  4 Pagesand distinguishing the methods approached to the study of the topic in the way it is measured. The original source of the concept of consciousness is considered to come from the English Philosopher John Locke who perceived the term to be â€Å"the perception of what passes in a man’s own mind† (Locke 1690). The challenge of defining the term is even considered daunting as it is still found to be difficult in giving a specific definition. Although, most psychologists appreciate that there is a basicRead MoreHume and Self Existance1821 Words   |  8 Pagesthe fives senses; touching, seeing, smelling, hearing, and tasting. He also proposed the idea of introspection, which is the exploration of one’s own â€Å"inside† world. However, Hume said, â€Å"All that we find through introspection is a bundle of different perceptions in perpetual flux† (Kolack and Thompson 601). He felt that through introspection you could find an array of thoughts, sensations, memories, and beliefs, but one would find no â€Å"self.† Hume stated, â€Å"There are some philosophers, who imagineRead MoreThe Strengths And Weaknesses Of Introspection As A Method For Investigating Psychological Phenomenon2019 Words   |  9 PagesCritically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of introspection as a method for investigating psychological phenomenon Introspection has an incredibly large history with the first record of it being used going right back to the great Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle, however this was in a philosophical sense about discovering oneself (Boring, E. G. 1953) which lead to the scientific methodology being born in the laboratory of arguably the father of psychology Wilhelm Wundt who usedRead MoreI Am Taking A Class About Exploring The Mind991 Words   |  4 Pagesthat fits with their behaviours, feelings or whatever. It is also teaching us that our past experiences and available information actually influence our choices, evaluations, memories and perceptions Barb: You’re joking that can’t be right, I am certain I know why I do things. I don’t just go around doing things for no reason. I would like to think that I thoroughly consider my options about a decision before I act upon it I’m a reasonable person. Amanda: I am not saying that you do not always knowRead MoreComparing Philosophers Locke And Hume On Personal Identity1375 Words   |  6 Pagesmatters physically and that which may exist in the continued life after death. He further argues that for person identity to exist, we must evidently consider what the person stand for. For Locke, a person should be a thinking and intelligent being with reason and reflection and can consider itself as it is irrespective of a difference in time and place. For such to hold, Locke further argues that one must be consciously perceptive, able to think and reflect to exist as (I)†¦.( Strawson,69) According toRead More Apocalypse Now vs Heart of Darkness Essay1120 Words   |  5 Pageswithout reason. His fascination with Kurtz is also less profound than in Heart of Darkness. According to literary scholar and cinema aficionado Mark A. Rivera, â€Å"In Conrad, Marlow is in awe of Kurtz, comes to identify with him in some dark recess of his own psyche; Willard, on the other hand, is more impressed with Kurtzs credentials than moved by his force of mind and will.† nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Despite the fact that the film is told through Willard’s eyes, his skewed perception does not

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An Argument Against Same Sex Marriage - 981 Words

David Masci conducts interviews on the topic of same-sex marriage and presents them in the transcripts titled â€Å"An Argument against Same-Sex Marriage: An Interview with Rick Santorum† and â€Å"An Argument for Same-Sex Marriage: An Interview with Jonathan Rauch†. Masci interviews two people with completely different stances regarding same-sex marriage. He interviews Rick Santorum, an ex-senator and devout Christian, who is against same-sex marriage then Jonathan Rauch, a gay rights activist, who is for same-sex marriage. Santorum and Rauch both spend a great amount of time speaking about the institution of marriage and although they make some compelling arguments, I feel that neither provide an argument that I can fully agree with. When speaking on same-sex marriage, a major point is always how this will affect the institution of marriage. Santorum argues that if same-sex marriage is legalized, marriage as a whole will become meaningless and it will decrease while d ivorce rates increase (Santorum). I disagree with every point of this argument. A couple’s marriage should not be based on another couple’s marriage. If a person truly wants to marry someone, they will do it regardless of who else does it. I agree with Rauch because same-sex marriage will not negatively affect marriage. However, I do not agree that legalizing same-sex marriage will be positive either (Rauch). Rauch argues that legalizing it will make the institution of marriage even better because there willShow MoreRelatedSame Sex Marriage Is A Matter Of Civil Law1270 Words   |  6 PagesSame-sex marriage is one of the most controversial issues in the modern world. In the past, marriage was recognized as a social union between a man and a woman and in most cultures, homosexuality was viewed as abnormal and forbidden. However, today, homosexual relationships are fighting their way towards global acceptance as the LGBT community has been extremely active, advocating for their right to marry since the early 90s. With an increased in tolerance for homosexuality in society, controversyRead MoreThe Debate Over Same Sex Marriage1555 Words   |  7 PagesFor years on end, same-sex marriage has been a topic of controversy. It has always been an on-going argument; there is the for-side and there is the against-side. There are many arguments for each side but which side has the most convincing argument? Maybe some of these arguments can be debunked. There needs to be a discussion about the holes in arguments and which side is the most convincing. The history of same-sex marriage was anti-climatic for a long time. It seemed that for too many years itRead MoreShould Marriage for Same Sex Couples be Legal in United States?1220 Words   |  5 PagesMarriage as generally define is the union between one man and one woman. However a recent debate over same-sex marriage has stirred a nationwide debate reverberating in the halls of Congress, at the White House, in dozens of state courtrooms and legislatures, and is also becoming a speech-making topic for election campaigns at both the national and state levels. As the debate for this controversial topic rages on, the American religious community view on the topic remains deeply divided over theRead MoreSame-Sex Marriage in India1534 Words   |  6 PagesSame sex marriage in India Introduction Same-sex marriage is one of the most debated social topics in the world today especially with regards to equality and rights of such couples. There are a few countries that provide rights of full civil marriage to same-sex couples such as Belgium and Canada (Graff, 2004). Some other countries such as South Africa, Australia, and France amongst others provide such couples with civil union rights or legal partnership rights (Graff, 2004). The debate on whetherRead More Same-Sex Marriage Essays1127 Words   |  5 PagesSame-Sex Marriage The United States is known world wide for its civil rights and freedoms. Many Americans are appalled by the idea of same-sex marriages. What?s wrong with the idea of two people who care greatly for one another wanting to spend their lives together? The gay community is misunderstood because many straights are not willing to listen. These individuals would rather just be closed-minded in this situation and reticent to really think about what this means to the gay community andRead MoreThe Rights Of Same Sex Couples1514 Words   |  7 PagesThe rights of same-sex couples is a big controversy currently, and although there are still many in opposition, the number of supporters increases regularly. Not only do most opposing take a religious standpoint, but they also claim is have a negative effect on â€Å"real marriage† and that same-sex households cannot provide the necessary parenting needed to properly raise a child. Not only do most advocates feel that some of the opposing ar guments make no sense, but also that others are based off ofRead MoreSame-Sex Marriage Argument894 Words   |  4 PagesSame-Sex Marriage Argument Sarah Springstube PHI103 Informal Logic Instructor DeFusco August 4, 2014 Same-sex marriage has been an issue among society for many years. Not all people understand there is no ban on same sex-marriage nor is it illegal. In all fifty states there are couples of the same sex who live together, ones who choose their professional job to be in a workplace where joint benefits are offered, and ones who choose a religious community which accepts their relationship. ThoseRead MoreSame Sex Marriage Is An Inflammatory Issue In Today’S Political1577 Words   |  7 Pages Same sex marriage is an inflammatory issue in today’s political landscape. Seemingly every election cycle brings us incendiary statements about how â€Å"the gays† are destroying America’s moral fabric from segments of the right. Meanwhile the idea of same sex marriage is becoming more and more accepted among young generations. The courts lie in the middle of this chaos. When laws are passed which discriminate against members of the LGBTQ community and are met with leg al challenges, it is up to the courtsRead More Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Liberties: Essay1558 Words   |  7 Pagesof same-sex marriage has a long-standing history of opposition from religious circles. Some argue against the legalization of same-sex marriage based on their interpretation of the Bible’s stance against homosexuality (Dobson, O’Brien). Other opponents argue against the practice based on universal tenets of moral behavior, fundamental beliefs that are said to underpin our country’s existing laws and should not be eroded (George, Finnis, Friedman). Increasingly, however, the arguments against same-sexRead MorePro Gay Marriage Argument1386 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Pro Gay Marriage The United States is currently embroiled in a battle over issues regarding civil rights of its citizens and what rights are constituted by that term. In the past, civil rights issues have been fought over womens rights and those of African Americans among others all in the name of seeking equality. Perhaps the most vocal group discussing civil rights in the United States at present are gay marriage activists who are fighting for same-sex couples to be able to marry. These individuals

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Market Management

Question : Discuss about the Market Managment ? Answer : Introduction The current report revolves the marketing strategies of the organizations that run the operation in a large market. The report prepares a situation analysis for the organization Coles, Australia. The report focuses on the planning process and analyzes the environments where Coles is currently running its operation. Coles is one of the popular retail stores with headquarter in Melbourne, Australia. The firm has gained popularity due to its increasing variety of services and large customer base. The marketing success of the firm relies on the implementation of innovative strategies that help the firm to gain competitive advantages. The firm is famous for its high quality of grocery products that highly embraced by Australians (Johnson, Ringham Jurd, 2013). The report starts with providing an in-depth situation analysis that includes both external and internal environment. In order to analyze the strength and weakness, both SWOT/TWOS analysis have been conducted.Situation Analysis External Analysis In this particular section, the attractiveness or the profitability of the Australian super market industry has been discussed to identify the current scenario of the market. Industry analysis- Porters five forces- Threats of the substitutes- It is observed that threats of substitutes is high as the retail organization Coles deals with many indirect competitors involving the convenience stores , specialized grocery stores and famers market. According to the evidences, these indirect competitors could be viable substitutes for Coles and bring sever challenge in the coming days (Wilkinson 2013). Bargaining power of supply- The bargaining power of the suppliers seems to be low in the retail industry. It is observed that Coles and its large competitors cover the large section of the market. As put forward by Johnson, Ringham and Jurd (2013), many local Australian producers have constrained selection of the intermediaries to select. Therefore, it can be mentioned that Coles and Woolworths are the large purchaser in the market resulting to low bargaining power. Bargaining power of the buyers-The bargaining power of the customers is medium in the retail sector of Australia. With the contribution of federal government and ACCC to decrease the impact of the competition obstacles, the new competition acquires the market, which increases the consumer choice (Li et al., 2013). Threats of New Entrants- The treat of new entrants is very low and the impact is expected to be unchanged for long. As Australian retail, market is one of the expensive markets. The entrants have to make a large investment to get into the market. It is evident that when a market is acquired cover two large retail giants, new the entrants may require years to stabilize their position in the market. Industry rivalry- The industry rivalry is high as the number of major players in the market is low. In addition, the lack of perceivable differentiation because of the generic nature of the services as well as the product offered is the reason behind the high competition. Market analysis- The regulation that has large impact on the competition in Australian industry is the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. The organizations in the retail industry have experienced a large growth in 2015 as the consequence of the wealth effect. As put forward by Sharma and Lambert (2013), a strong housing market is sustained by the low interest rates as well as household credit increase motivated the consumers to spend as the perceived values of the assets increased. The industry has experienced 4.1% growth and revenue gained $105 billion (Koumparoulis, 2013). The Australian retail industry is observed to be remaining under significant pressure from the consumer-based forces that includes increasingly diverse customer segments and the growth of the digital generation as well as the continuous journey of customers. Competitor analysis- The current market scenario of Australian retail industry indicates that the Coles and Woolworths cover almost 80% of the market; thus, the Woolworths is considered to be the major competitors in terms of sales, customers, market acquisitions and revenue growth (Boztepe, 2016). The other competitors are such as Franklins, Aldi, Specialty and other market. Figure 1: Competitor analysis (Source: Sharma Lambert, 2013) Porters generic strategies- Cost leadership-Hence, as the market acquisition strategy, the major competitors such as Woolworths sets out to become the low cost producer in its industry. It is also observed that the sources of cost advantages are varied and relies on the structure of the industry. As the market share of Woolworths is higher due to its nature of being low producer, Coles find it difficult and exploit all sources of the cost advantages if the organization wants to achieve as well as sustain over the cost leadership (Glanz, Bader Iyer, 2012). Differentiation- While applying this strategy, the firm needs to become unique in its industry based on some particular dimensions that are valued by the customers (Smither, Houston McIntire, 2016). Hence, the large competitor Woolworths implemented the strategy of product variation, where the introduced beef products based on the demand of the customers. This variation of the product is unique is as no retail organization in Australia has implemented this strategy Focus- The generic strategy of focus relies on the choice of narrow competitive scope within the industry. Thus, in order to gain the cost advantages from the retail market and to compete with Woolworths, Coles is relied on the lean management, in which it has the full control on the supply chain network. The firm gains the control over the waste materials to gain the cost advantages. Customer analysis Who The major buyers of Coles are the people that reside in the urban areas. A large percentage of the customers of Coles belong to large Australian cities. What There is a high demand for grocery products such as vegetarian items, milk, meat, drinks, fruits and clothes. Where A large percentage of the customers prefer to go the stores rather than buying online product. The people who belong to the city areas such as the Sydney and Melbourne that are most populate. When The grocery items are usually purchased on weekly basis Why They prefer to buy the grocery items from the retail stores as the stores have large varieties of product in front of their eyes. They do not have to look for any products while roaming around the outlet. In addition, as the deals and offers are offered along with the products, they customers have the opportunity to gain cost benefits. How As discussed above, an increasing number of the customers prefer the outlets. However, as Coles has lately started the online selling. Table 1: Customer analysis (Source: Burda Teuteberg, 2013) Macro environment Political Environment-It is evident that Coles is one of the popular retail stores in retail industry of Australia meeting the needs of the customers by establishing different retail stores. The political condition is often seen to be shaping the business environment offering the growth opportunities to the firm (Koumparoulis, 2013). As Coles is running the business in a market, which is largely stable; thereby the risk of business loss is not high. Figure 2: PESTLE analysis (Source: Connellb McManus, 2016) Economical factor- The economical factors such as recession and higher employment has a strong effect on the financial performance of the business. However, Australia is financially stable, the Coles has increasing market opportunities. Social factor- The Coles had identified the significance of the customers experience as the aspect of their sales as well as profitability. The firm has introduced advanced means of fulfilling the requirements of the customers (Glanz, Bader Iyer, 2012) Technological factors-When it comes to the technological factors, the advanced technologies that improve the shopping experience of consumers form a main area of the focus as well as retail organizations. Legal factor-It is observed that taxation policies as well as recruitment management are the part of the regulations developed by the federal government is the fundamental legal framework affecting the business. Environmental factor-Coles has been and participating the activities hat been investing its resource in decreasing the carbon footprint of the company and reducing the wastage of natural resources like water. Operational analysis 4ps marketing mix of Coles Product-The firm gains the popularity for its grocery products such as meat, fruit, Coles brands, diary, deli, bakeries and many more (, 2016). Price-The firms use skimming pricing strategies for all of its product and services. This means it launches a new product in the market; they use the premium pricing strategies, when the competitors start bringing the same products, Coles decrease the prices of that product. Figure 3:4ps marketing (Source: Cameron et al., 2013) Promotion-The retail store use attractive pricing with additional offers and deals such as 40% discount on certain number of purchase and loyalty points. Place- The firm runs all its outlets in the urban areas or the large cities of the country where the population is comparatively high. Financial analysis Particulars FY 2014 FY 2015 Earnings before interest and Tax 2,689 2,440 Statutory Loss After Tax 68.46% 64.58% Return on Invested Capital 8.61% 7.74% Positive Operating Cash Flow 3,226 3,791 Total cash position -1,240 -687 Velocity Frequent Flyer revenue 8.45% 11.09% Table 2: Financial analysis (Source:, 2016) Financial analysis is considered to measure the performance efficiency of the organization, which is determined by financial ratio of the profitability, financial position, liquidity and gearing information. Considering the financial information of Coles by measuring earnings before interest and tax reflected negative balance during 2014, which was low in 2015. It can be said the company improved its performance and the amount of loss declined in the subsequent year 2015 approximately by $200 million. However, cash fund of the organization reflected increased balance in the year 2015 as still it is in deficit, which company need to recover and it also reflects the organization is solvent and efficient in managing the resources to meet the current obligations. Additionally, return on invested capital also reflected decreased rate during the financial year 2015 by 7.74%, which is monitored 8.61% in the financial year 2014 representing the efficiency in optimum utilization of capital f unds as well as facing difficulties in terms of providing reasonable returns to the investors (, 2016). However, on the other hand, the organization has been efficient in utilizing the cost and resources to generate higher revenue and maximum profitability. As per the entire study, it is observed that Coles limited in one of the subsidiary company of Wesfarmers, which is affected due to uncertain market scenario, but company is having better financial support from their parent company, so there is possibility of growth in future. Product analysis The organization has large varieties of the products to satisfy the needs of large markets. The Coles introduced different vegetable products, grocery items such as eggs, rice, wheat, meat, dairy products, drinks, bakery items and many more. Baby products Dermatologically tested, Safe for sensitive skin, Fragrance free products Bakery Rustic Roll, Baked Clabatta, Baked Fruit and many more Dairy Friendly milks, Green pastures, Milk Table 3: Product analysis (Source: Burda Teuteberg, 2013) SWOT/TOWS Likelihood Impact Score STRENGTHS S1. Huge market share 8 S2. Attractive pricing strategies with the frequent price cuts and promotional offers on regular basis 7 S3. Impressive online order as well as delivery pickup service 6 WEAKNESSES W1. Negative publicity revolves around the negotiation with Australian suppliers that hurt the public sentiment 8 W2. Flaws in the products and services such as the habit of keeping the eggs in the shelves instead of cold store 7 OPPORTUNITIES O1. Seizing the control of the supply chain to manage the production and increase profits 7 8 56 O2. The geographical expansion could help the firm to expand the operation 8 9 72 THREATS T1. Intense competition in the supermarket space leading to the food price could plummet to low margins 7 8 56 T2. Customers have the confusion among the different generic brands 6 7 42 T3. The retail sector in Australia has been developing as competitors get into the dynamic business models 7 8 56 Table 4: SWOT analysis (Source: Hipp Roussell, 2013) TOWS analysis STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES SO S1,S3/O2: Using both online and outlet selling can expand their market share along with the geographical expansion WO W1/O2: Coles can counter the negative publicity with the help of business expansion strategies W2/O1: By controlling the supply chain Coles can handle the product and service flaws THREATS ST S2/T1: Coles can use attractive pricing strategies with frequent price and promotional offers so that the new competitors will not be able to capture the market, as they have to develop a low pricing strategy at the beginning WT W1/T2: Intense competition and negative publicity can lower the profit margins, which Coles can manage by business expansion W2/T3: Product and service flaws can deter Coles development in the retail sector. 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